Mixed Occupancy Use – Non-Separated vs. Separated

Section 508; Table 508.4

Complying with Table 508.4 and providing fire barrier walls to separate occupancies can be limiting to the design. Also, using non-separated provisions to eliminate restrictive fire barrier walls becomes extremely costly due to added fire and life safety requirements that affect the entire structure.

Vertical Coiling with Complying Swing Egress Door(s)

In this case study the most equitable alternative would be to provide occupancy separation at the conference/training room area separating the A-3 from the B occupancy. By incorporating a wide-span opening protective the design is not limited to a pair of conventional swing doors for opening width. Further, the overall building design can accommodate 5 stories and remain a Type IIIA building eliminating the need for imposing all of the most restrictive provisions of Section 403 and Chapter 9.