Horizontal Acting Service Doors

HS100 Series


  • NASA Vertical Assembly Building

HS100 Series

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  • Coil Box Detail Type A HS100 & HSL150
  • Coil Box Detail Type B HS100 & HSL150
  • Coil Box Size & Type Selection Chart HS100 & HSL150
  • Leading Edge Detail HSL150
  • Plan Bi Parting Application HS100
  • Plan Straight Run Application HS100 & HSL150
  • Receiving Edge Detail, Bi Parting HS100
  • Receiving Edge Detail, Single Parting HS100
  • Section, Coil Side Down HS100 & HSL150
  • Section, Coil Side Up HS100 & HSL150
  • Section, Curved Application, Coil Side HSL150
  • Section, Curved Application, Op Coil Side HSL150
  • Section, Straight Run Bi Parting HS100
  • Section, Straight Run HS100
  • Track Detail Between Jamb, Steel HS100 & HSL150
  • Track Detail, Between Jamb, Masonry HS100 & HSL150
  • Track Detail, Face of Wall, Masonry HS100 & HSL150
  • Track Detail, Face of Wall, Steel HS100 & HSL150

HS100 Series

The HS100 and HSL150 are ideal for stairwell covers, escalator covers, floor penetrations, skylights, pit covers, tank covers, machinery covers and overhead craneway access.

The HS100 and HSL150 are horizontal coiling service doors that are designed to close off openings in horizontal and inclined planes. Horizontal coiling service doors can be designed in sizes up to 20 feet in width and 100 feet in length. These units are primarily motor operated systems that are designed and engineered for daily operation. They are available in aluminum with various anodized finishes; in stainless steel type 304 or type 316 with number 4 finish; and in galvanized steel with either a prime paint finish or powder coated finish of color as selected.

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