Next generation accordion fire door technology.


The new AC8800CP – Unprecedented in the Industry!


Discover the advantages:

  • Single-panel system – double-panel configurations not necessary
  • Compact pocket depths – meets or beats the competition
  • Microprocessor controlled – monitors and executes safety and security functions
  • Enhanced technology – redesigned motor operator and new touchpad egress


Here’s what the innovative panel design means:

  • Individual accordion panel widths available in two sizes, 7 inches (177.8mm) and 14 inches (355.6mm)
  • Significantly reduces the stack depth
  • Easily negotiate radius track curves as tight as 18 inches (457.2mm)
  • Available in unlimited widths and heights up to 30 feet
  • Single-parting and bi-parting


The next generation accordion fire door has significant advantages:

  • Low profile surface-mounted control panel can be remotely located if desired to save an additional 2 inches (50.8mm) of pocket space
  • Based on panel size, the inside dimension pocket profile can be as narrow as 9 inches (228.6mm) or 15 ½ inches (393.7mm)
  • The Compact Pocket™ design is standard on all models of the McKEON accordion fire door


Take a minute to review the benefits of the microprocessor component:

  • Trouble-free programming and built-in safety features
  • Door activation, function, egress, and access are all monitored and controlled by the microprocessor
  • The end-user can now switch between fire mode and security mode
  • All building code requirements for fire door operation are standard features


Check out some of the technological enhancements that place the McKEON accordion fire door a cut above the industry standard:

  • Redesigned motor operator is more efficient and is sized so it can be located directly above the header to save pocket space
  • Smooth operation, simple installs
  • Touchpad egress device – a universally recognized ADA compliant egress feature
  • 3-hour fire rating – standard rating


Download the new AC8800CP Fact Sheet to learn more about the latest development from McKEON!

Next generation technology is ready to ship today! Visit our products page and download specifications, details and stacking charts.