CASE 1: Side Acting Accordion with Power-assisted Egress

Smoke Compartmentation

Smoke barriers divide areas of a building into separate smoke compartments. These dividing walls allow time for building occupants to be evacuated or relocated to other smoke compartments. In other words, smoke barriers separate portions of buildings into areas of refuge capable of resisting the passage of smoke and fire for up to 1 hour. (Section 709)

In this case study the intent is to add to an existing I-2 occupancy a 9,700 square foot Critical Care Suite. The existing building construction type is IIIA with 21,324 square feet and the desire is to have the new suite as open as possible to the existing hospital corridor system. The placement of a smoke barrier wall at this new addition connection is a specific code requirement in order to fall within the 22,500 square foot limitation. With the use of the McKEON widespan labeled assembly approved for egress, the opening protective  requirements are met without compromising the spacious clear open ambiance desired. An added bonus for this application is that the opening protective completed the elevator lobby as well.