McKeon Door West’s Field Crew receives an award for safety on the job site from Cal State University and C.W. Driver.

During a challenging product install at Cal State University Dominguez Hills the McKeon Door West crew had to fly into the building an H200 approximately 24′-8″ wide x 33′-10″ long and weighing around 12,000 lbs. An additional picking frame was constructed that would hold the coil box rigid to allow it to pick from several points, adding an another 3,300 lbs. Inside the building, space for the crane, both vertical and horizontal, was limited. The coil box was picked from end to end as designed, landed on one side with heavy dollies, and then moved in slowly with the forklift while the crane held the end for safety.

“Pictures really don’t give full justice to what the guys from the McKeon team were doing on the inside of the building to get the coil box moved around so that crane and forklift could get into safe positions to move inward.” — Darryl DuCharme

The automatic closing H200 Series horizontal shutters prevent the migration of heat, smoke or hot/toxic gases by creating vertical compartments thereby separating the vertical spaces from one another. The H200 is ideal for closing off penetrations in floor separations for atrium conditions as well as convenience stairways, escalator enclosures and skylights.

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