Bi-Monthly Webinar | Advanced Building Code Applications & Consultative Marketing

When: 2nd Friday bi-monthly @ 11am Eastern Time

Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Where: Your Choice!

Instructors: McKeon Staff

In an interactive webinar environment one or more of the following will be presented and discussed:

Specific case studies of actual projects with drawings and details in order to examine the challenges that each distributor faces on a daily basis working with design professionals, code enforcement personnel and construction management personnel with the product line.

Building Code Inservice Training. A detailed analysis of specific areas of the building code (Chapters 1 through 10 & 30) Each webinar will include a portion of the code to sharpen skills in code knowledge application.

Note: Each participant will be invited to the webinar via email. While we will endeavor to hold the webinar on the 2nd Friday of every other month, scheduling challenges may occasionally require that the webinar be changed to an alternate Friday. Watch your inbox for the invite.

2020 MCE 104 Webinar Registration

If you have not been receiving an email invitation and link to this webinar, please email David Dodge and request the link.