Exciting things are happening in downtown Seattle with the expansion of the Washington State Convention Center!

Jason Ledesma and Dan Quatier, co-owners of Interior Tech, collaborated with the architectural and construction teams to provide professional code consultation and expert project coordination. As a result of this joint effort a variety of McKEON solutions were installed that enhance both building ambiance and fire safety. Keep a look out for future blogs featuring these solutions!

The photo above is taken looking up at the side-by-side openings on 8th floor – each 20′ x 60′ – where six McKEON H200 horizontal fire shutters will be located. Five of the coil boxes are already installed.

The video below shows the hoisting of an H200 horizontal fire shutter assembly, which is just one of eighteen provided on this project! The automatic closing H200 prevents the migration of heat, smoke or hot/toxic gases and serves as a resolve to the challenges of vertical space protection without sacrificing the desired open and spacious design.