When the owners of a high-profile building in Minneapolis, Minnesota wanted to increase security at their facility they reached out to Gensler, one of the premier architectural firms in the area. McKEON distributor W.L. Hall then collaborated with the Gensler architects and Mortenson Construction to find a McKEON solution.

Our expertise in wide-span security protectives made McKEON the obvious choice for this highly complicated project. Completed in April of 2021, a narrow soffit and a segmented curtainwall made specifying this large project an extremely difficult challenge. We provided custom details and custom motor designs to meet the security needs of this highly visible building without compromising aesthetics. Ultimately eleven hurricane and tornado impact resistant assemblies were installed to prevent building exterior penetration. This unique project shows that whether your need is building code compliance or security enhancement, McKEON has a product that can satisfy the requirements!