CASE 3: Side Coiling without Egress

Vertical Opening Separation

An atrium is a floor opening, or a series of floor openings, that connects the environment of adjacent stories. By code definition an atrium is a space within a building that extends vertically and connects two or more stories. Atriums are designed to provide open and spacious vertical areas common with other building elements.

Even though this design incorporates an escalator, IBC, Section 712.1.3.1 can only be applied if the area of the floor opening between stories does not exceed twice the horizontal projected area of the escalator. Since the area in this vertical open space is greater, the next option is to explore the possibility of creating a vertical shaft enclosure allowing no more than two floors common or interconnecting. With a 2.25″ head-track design, 3-hour fire listing and unlimited width capacity, McKEON easily solved the problem with a triple curve, non-floor track 140′ bi-part opening protective.