FireFighter® Model D400 – another first in the commercial fire door industry!


Introducing a one-of-a-kind rolling curtain shutter that has been tested and labeled to UL 10B for 90 minutes with hose stream and UL 1784 smoke & draft. The D400 rolling shutter door assembly is designed to protect openings in any wall rated up to 2 hours– including Fire Walls and Fire Barrier Walls. A simple but unique configuration of textile layers permanently joined together as one unit and stored on a barrel in the head box. When deployed, it rolls down as if it were a rolling steel door. The D400 is a substantial opening protective ready to withstand heat, fire, smoke and the ultimate integrity test – the hose stream!

The D400 complies as an opening protective in accordance with all model building codes, including Section 716.2 of the IBC. The D400 is not restricted to the language in Section 716.4 of the 2021 IBC wherein Fire Protective Curtains are tested without hose stream in accordance with UL 10D and are limited to 20 minutes or less. With a maximum UL 10B fire-protective rating of 90 minutes, it can be used to protect openings in any rated wall including Fire Walls and Fire Barrier Walls.


Product Features

  • Oversize labeling is approved for 3200 square feet in area – 80 feet in width and 40 feet in height
  • 90-minute rated UL 10B with hose stream
  • Smoke & Draft labeled UL 1784
  • Auto-Set® automatic resetting
  • Fail-Safe Design – automatic self-closing mechanism does not require power operation to self-close
  • The headbox is comparable in size and weight to the FireFighter® Model D200


Advantages over a rolling steel assembly

  • Low profile components
  • Light weight
  • Simplified, easy installation


Tested and labeled


Complete information for the D400 including product details and specifications can be found on the FireFighter® Model D400 product page!