McKEON adds innovative technology to the SmokeFighter® Series



The new D500S is a smoke barrier with corner configurations connecting fabric to fabric without complexity or bulk.


McKEON sets yet another industry standard by adding new technology to its tested and proven SmokeFighter Series. The new D500S is a vertical acting smoke protective curtain that forms floor-to-ceiling enclosures! Because this UL1784 labeled technology creates its own corners and jambs, it can be installed without cumbersome features such as mullions or corner posts. Its corner profile is unmatched in the industry! The system installs with ease, operates smoothly and simply, and conceals beautifully in the finished ceiling.

The D500S can reduce the volume of smoke in an atrium, protect a corridor, or mitigate smoke migration. Most importantly, the technology provides required smoke separation without impact to the desired spacious appearance in any design. As a result, unique configurations are no challenge!

Check out these features:

  • Automatic (corner) fastener engages when deployed – unprecedented in the industry
  • Narrow bottom bar is minimally visible in ceiling when stored
  • Lo-profile jamb connection – narrow flush-mounted side guides
  • Corner configurations available in virtually any angle so that the assembly can follow the linear design of the surrounding construction
  • Widths to 500 feet and heights to 48 feet

Potential applications:

  • Reduce volume of smoke for sizing mechanical systems in atriums
  • Protect vertical spaces from corridor exposure
  • Smoke compartments in vertical spaces

Download the new D500S Fact Sheet to learn more about the latest development from McKEON. Visit the SmokeFighter® Model D500S product page to download specifications and details!